Bangkok Thailand For New Tourist

bangkok thailand temple

Sights to See in Bangkok

  1. Wat pra kheo / the grand palace – the must see attraction in bangkok (wear a t-shirt that covers your shoulders and at least knee long trousers/ shirt
  2. wat pho (within walking distance of wat pra kheo) – visit the temple and get an hour of thai massage in the massage school that is in the temple ground
  3. wat arun – opposite wat pra kheo on the other side of the chao praya river – and a very beautiful temple (if you are morning person, go to for sunrise, the temple is most beautiful during that time
  4. From siam@siam, take the skytrain to the river, and from there, the best way to travel is to use the river buses. enjoy dinner in the roof top restaurant of siam@siam, the views from the roof-top are amazing.

Shopping in Bangkok

  1. Mbk mall
  2. Nightmarket on silom road (patpong area)
  3. Banglampoo (kao san road and surrounding) as well.
  4. Bangkok is a great place to get a (thai) massage (for example at wat po), to get a pedicure, a facial, a manicure – all for a bargain. you can get a “fish treatment” (you put your feet into a tub of water, and small fishes that eat of the dead cells are swimming in it).
  5. The river buses are great. use them to travel around bangkok, and if you have time, take the boat up to nonthaburi (the northern final station).

Guide Credit: Nathalie2
Photo Credit: John Carpus

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Weirdest Restaurants in Asia

Skip the usual tourist trap restaurants and go for unique restaurants which would give you quite different dining experience. Something to write home about. I could just imagine one would tweet, “Hey I’m getting served by hot nurses with tasty IV drips in Taipei”.

egg restaurant chongqing china
Special Enjoyment Restaurant

This restaurant found in Chongqing municipality is known for it’s remarkable egg shaped dining booth. The 600 square meters in size restaurant can accommodate up to 110 customers and have six private rooms.

hospital restaurant taipei

Who says that nurses are only found in hospitals but not in Taipei though. This hospital themed restaurant have nurses that will gladly serve you drinks that comes in IV.

toilet restaurant shenzen

Who would have thought that there’s a bathroom themed restaurant in Shenzhen China. Not quite a palatable place to dine. But it will indeed serve it’s purpose as soon as your bowel grumbles and there’s no need to get up and go to the bathroom.

tokyo baseball restaurant

Baseball fans will be delighted to catch up with their favorite sport while they dine. With waiters and staff wearing baseball gear, you might even think you’re in a baseball stadium.

Source: Yahoo

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Korean Sassy Girl Star Jeon Ji Hyun Marries Banker Choi Jun Hyuk

sassy girl jeon ji hyun married

I must admit that I’m in the dark when it comes to the news that Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun got married to her childhood friend a banker. I will never forget her awesome performance as My Sassy Girl. I hope that her marriage will not hinder her acting career in some way.

SEOUL: Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun married her childhood friend, banker Choi Jun Hyuk, the grandson of famed Korean fashion designer Lee Young Hee, in a lavish wedding ceremony at Seoul’s Shilla Hotel on Friday, reported Korean media.

“I didn’t have any dreams last night, but I didn’t sleep well and woke up at 4am.

“I am so nervous that I am shaking,” said Jeon, who was all smiles when she met the media alone at a press conference hours before her wedding ceremony.

During the press conference, Jeon also revealed that she found her husband’s arrogance to be his most attractive trait, and said he proposed to her when they went on a surprise trip to Japan together.

The 30-year-old actress added that they have “no specific plans to have children at the moment” and would go on their honeymoon only after she completes her upcoming movie “Berlin”.

Despite her lack of sleep, Jeon appeared radiant in her custom-made, imported white Reem Acra wedding dress during the wedding ceremony.

Top Korean stars like Jang Hyuk, Lee Young Ae as well as Cha Tae Hyun, who starred opposite Jeon in the romantic comedy “My Sassy Girl”, which made Jeon a household name in Korea, were among the 600 guests at the wedding.

Source: Channelnewsasia

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North Korea Rocket Launch Failed 2012

norrth korea rocket launch fail

As the world trembled at the impeding doom North Korea might cause as they launch their rocket. That got Japan scrambling for anti missile artillery should the rocket pass by their territory. We all held our breathes at the possibility. Well as it turns out their long range missile failed just after a minute. Looking at their control station, it lacks sophistication nor had any sign of advanced technology. In fact, South Korea’s Starcraft tournament looks more like legit control station than that of North Korea’s. I pity the North Korean civilians though, they’ll feast on rats and other rodents as their leaders squandered the funds on puny rockets. So far the world is safe once again.

In Washington, a U.S. official also said the launch appeared to have failed. The official offered no further details and would not discuss the source of the U.S. information.

“We suspect the North Korean missile has fallen as it divided into pieces minutes after liftoff,” said the official. Tokyo, which was prepared to shoot down any rocket flying over its territory, also confirmed a launch from North Korea.

“We have confirmed that a certain flying object has been launched and fell after flying for just over a minute,” Japanese Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka said. He said there was no impact on Japanese territory.

North Korean space officials said the Unha-3, or Galaxy-3, rocket is meant to send a satellite into orbit to study crops and weather patterns – its third bid to launch a satellite since 1998. Officials took foreign journalists to the west coast site to see the rocket and the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite Sunday in a bid to show its transparency amid accusations of defiance.

“For all their advanced technology, these rockets are fairly fragile things,” said Brian Weeden, a technical adviser at Secure World Foundation and former Air Force officer at the U.S. Space Command. “You’re looking at a metal cylinder that has fairly thin walls that contains a lot of high pressure liquid.”

Source: AP

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South Korean Guy arrested after girlfriend dies of suffocation from eating live octopus

girl suffocated live octopu

A Korean girl chokes on live octopus and dies 16 days after hospitalization. What happened to be an unfortunate accident turns out to be murder. Her boyfriend was accused of killing her by making her eat live octopus. His motive was simple, it’s money. A week before her death, she signed an insurance listing her boyfriend as beneficiary. The girls family had discovered about and reported it to the authorities. Could it be a coincidence or did he planned to murder her all along? Who knows what’s on his mind.

A South Korean has been arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend who was initially believed to have accidentally suffocated while eating a live octopus, a prosecutor said Tuesday. After an investigation lasting many months the suspect identified only as Kim was formally arrested for murder last Friday, prosecutor Lee Geon-Tae at Incheon city, west of Seoul, told AFP.

Kim would be charged within the next 10 days, he said.
“He’s still denying the charge… we believe enough evidence has been collected to charge him,” the prosecutor said without elaborating.
The suspect, now 31, checked into an Incheon motel with his girlfriend in April 2010 after buying two live octopuses from a local restaurant.
The man later called reception to say his girlfriend had collapsed and stopped breathing after eating one of them. She was taken to hospital but died 16 days later due to brain damage.

Her family initially believed the 24-year-old woman surnamed Yoon suffocated after a tentacle was found stuck in her throat. Her body was later cremated.But Yoon’s father later discovered the daughter had signed up for a life insurance policy a week before her death, with Kim as the beneficiary.

Source: Yahoo

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Stranded Whale Shark Abused in Oslob Cebu

pinoys abusing stranded wha

A whale shark was stranded in the town of Oslob, Cebu. Instead of helping the Whale Shark, the locals grabbed the opportunity to have a snapshots with it. While there’s nothing wrong in having photo ops with the creature, it’s the manner of treating the animal. As seen on this photo, the ignorant girl got on the shark like it’s some kind of a kiddie ride. Thankfully, after the animal was subjected to abuse by FB wh0res, it was finally released. Good thing that the outrage on Facebook by other pinoy would serve as a lesson so this unfortunate event would not be repeated.

Filipinos on social networking site Facebook cried foul over online photos of lady riding a butanding (Rhincodon typus) and a group of locals holding the same whale shark while posing for some snapshots.
The photos were first posted on the Facebook page of Dive Philippines group and went viral immediately, with over 100 shares and hundreds of Filipinos talking online about the supposed malpractice on handling a whale shark interaction.

According to the timestamps, the photos were reportedly taken on March 31 at Boljoon in Cebu near the town of Oslob, which recently opened whaleshark interaction for tourists.

“It was found out to be a stranded whale shark then released afterwards. A review is being under taken on how to educate the local barangays to properly handle these situations in the future so such incidents do not occur again,” according to the group page.

Filipino netizens were united in saying that there is a need to review the education program for coastal communities who have higher chances of interactions with stranded butandings.

Source: Yahoo

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Most Expensive Sushi in the World by Filipino

most expensive sushi in the

The most expensive sushi in the world was crafted by Angelito Araneta Jr. The sushi is wrapped with gold leaf instead of nori and embellished with pearls and african diamonds on top. The five pieces of sushi costs a total of 91,800 pesos or $1,978.15 USD. To be honest, who would actually eat such sushi? Would anyone actually eat the pearl and the diamond? Most likely they’ll just spit out them out and who knows what they’re going to do next.

Renowned “Karat chef” Angelito Araneta Jr. places African diamonds on top of pearls to re-create his Guiness World Record for most expensive sushi in Manila April 1, 2012. Araneta was recognized by the Guinness Book World of Records in June 2010 as the maker of the World’s Most Expensive Sushi, costing 91,800 pesos (US$ 1,978.15) for five pieces.

Source: Yahoo

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Tibetan Protestor on Fire Jampa Yeshi Dies from Burns

jempa yeshi tibetan activis

A photo of a tibetan protester named Jampa Yeshi who self-immolated has been spreading on facebook like wildfire (excuse the pun). Some people commented why the photographers choose to take photos instead of helping him. Had I been in the photographer’s place, I wouldn’t resist taking a quick snap also. The bad new was, the protester died because of 90% burns to his body. What a waste of young life, was he planning to kill himself? Self Immolation is never a solution to protest against the government.

The Tibetan protester who set himself alight in the Indian capital ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit this week has died.The 27-year-old man was admitted to hospital in New Delhi Monday with 90% burns to his body, but doctors could not save him and he died on Wednesday, said L.K. Makhija, the head of the burns ward at the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital.

Dramatic pictures showed the man, named by the London-based Free Tibet group as Jampa Yeshi, running along the street in flames as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Indian parliament to protest against Chinese rule in Tibet. Many ethnic Tibetans fled Tibet for India with the Dalai Lama in 1959 after a failed uprising.

President Hu was due to arrive in India for Thursday’s BRICS summit of emerging economic powers, which includes India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa.
Self-immolation is a common form of protest for Tibetans who want genuine autonomy from China and accuse Beijing of repression.

Source: CNN

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Cambodian Kid Chained to Tree by his father over Online Games

cambodian boy chained tree

A cambodian father got fed up with his son running off somewhere to play online games. Apparently he decided to punish his son by humiliating him. The 13 year old kid was chained to a pole to teach him a lesson and hopefully discourage him to step foot in an internet cafe. What the father didn’t expect was that he’ll be charged by authorities for child abuse. He’s now on the run from the law.

An irate Cambodian father chained his teenage son by the neck to a power pole to punish him for skipping school to play online games, police said Thursday.
The 13-year-old’s public ordeal came to an end in under two hours when neighbours alerted the police who brought in a locksmith to free the child.
“The father was so angry that he found his son at an Internet cafe instead of at school that he chained him up in public for people to see, to teach him a lesson,” Battambang deputy police chief Cheth Vanny told AFP, adding that the boy said he was also beaten by his father.
The 40-year-old father, Sok Thoeun, who works as a motorbike taxi driver, fled the scene after the incident Tuesday in the northern town of Battambang, and is now wanted on child abuse charges.
“He is still on the run,” the official said. “This kind of torture is not acceptable.”

Source: AFP

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Vigan – Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Vigan is known for its historical Spanish period houses and cobblestone streets. There’s even a kalesa or horse drawn carriage that’s still roaming the streets. The perfectly preserved Spanish Colonial town makes it a perfect spot for shooting historical movies. In fact it was recognized as Unesco World Heritage site in 1999.


Vigan Tourist Attractions


  • St. Paul Cathedral - The baroque styled church was originally built in 1574. It was damaged twice by 1619 earthquakes and 1627. The church was rebuilt to make it even more resistant to quakes.
  • Mestizo District – The town is also known as “Kasanglayan” rich in ancestral homes and old mexican and chinese style architecture. Some of the mansions are converted as museums while some are private homes. Depending on the owners, some may give you private tours. Notable houses are Quema House and Syquia Mansion located on Quirino Boulevard.
  • Crisologo Museum – The family shrine of the Crisologos, a prominent scion in vigan. Found in the museum are vintage cars, memorabilia and spanish era furnitures.
  • Museo San Pablo – The museum houses large collection of old statues of saints as well as vintage photographs of German Pharmacist.
  • Padre Jose Burgos National Museum – The ancestral home of the martyred priest Father Jose Burgos who was executed in 1872 by the Spaniards. Ilocano artifacts which includes 14 paintings by Don Esteban Villanueva.
  • Pottery Factories – The abundance of clay in vigan made it ideal for the pottery industry to flourish. The factories are found at the Liberation Boulevard at the corner of Gomez St.
  • Vigan Weavers – Vigan weavers used a cotton fabric called abel. Visitors can go to Barangay Camanggan to watch the hand-weavers in action. In Barangay Mindoro, the binakol weavings are described as psychedelic looking incorporated with traditional style.
  • Vigan Town Fiesta – In celebration of the town’s Patron St. Paul the Apostle a musical performance and parade is held every third or fouth week of January.
  • Viva Vigan Festival of the Arts -The town celebrates its cultural heritage in first week of May. Streetdancing, competitions and merrymaking makes the day even more livelier.


Vigan Hotel Accomodations

Click on the search box below to book hotels in Vigan, Ilocos. The following hotels available are


  • Gordion Hotel
    V. De los Reyes corner Salcedo Sreets
  • Cordillera Inn
    #29 Meña Crisologo Street, Plaza Burgos


Vigan Travel Trips

Buses heading to Vigan can be found at Cubao and Sampaoc. Visitors have the option to take buses heading to Laoag or San Fernando.

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