Stranded Whale Shark Abused in Oslob Cebu

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A whale shark was stranded in the town of Oslob, Cebu. Instead of helping the Whale Shark, the locals grabbed the opportunity to have a snapshots with it. While there’s nothing wrong in having photo ops with the creature, it’s the manner of treating the animal. As seen on this photo, the ignorant girl got on the shark like it’s some kind of a kiddie ride. Thankfully, after the animal was subjected to abuse by FB wh0res, it was finally released. Good thing that the outrage on Facebook by other pinoy would serve as a lesson so this unfortunate event would not be repeated.

Filipinos on social networking site Facebook cried foul over online photos of lady riding a butanding (Rhincodon typus) and a group of locals holding the same whale shark while posing for some snapshots.
The photos were first posted on the Facebook page of Dive Philippines group and went viral immediately, with over 100 shares and hundreds of Filipinos talking online about the supposed malpractice on handling a whale shark interaction.

According to the timestamps, the photos were reportedly taken on March 31 at Boljoon in Cebu near the town of Oslob, which recently opened whaleshark interaction for tourists.

“It was found out to be a stranded whale shark then released afterwards. A review is being under taken on how to educate the local barangays to properly handle these situations in the future so such incidents do not occur again,” according to the group page.

Filipino netizens were united in saying that there is a need to review the education program for coastal communities who have higher chances of interactions with stranded butandings.

Source: Yahoo

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